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Education, knowledge, character is the motto of our school.
The objective of the school is to give higher education and inclusive moral value in the students.

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Lion.Dr.C. Devendran had a meteoric rise in society though hard work and dedication. Due to the hardships he faced in his childhood, his aim in life is to provide and quality education for faced in his fee for children of all classes of society. In the year 2000 long with a group of eminent educationalists under Sri Vekateswara Educational Trust , Ashram Matriculation Higher Secondary School was established and has been recognized by the Government of Tamilnadu .



Education, knowledge, character is the motto of our school. We are dedicated to helping each students maximize his/her academic and positive social growth in order to become lifelong global learners.


We have a clear vision of raising young students with academic excellence and high moral standard.


The School follows the syllabus of Government of Tamilnadu. Tamil, French (Hr. Sec.) and Hindi are offered as second language.